First Uploads to


It is pretty easy to upload a NuGet package to I will start with just the interface projects, since these are needed by the other projects.

At the moment, I have one big solution file with far too many projects. When the executable starts up, it asks which application to start. The result is that I am aways 'shipping' unrelevant stuff, like a demo project done DEMO, or a programming test done for Baker Hughes. Both of these should not be shared, so it is best to take them out of the solution. By creating package, I am committing to keep the APIs working for a longer time.

Updated SDK style conversion counter: 5 / 89.

Claiming a Name


Naming is one hardest things in coding. Orginally, decades ago, I used BFC as the name for a C code based application to compute bifurcation lines It soon became to represent Boon's Faulty Code instead. As you might have guessed, I forgot to claim the domain Years later, in another version of the app, now C# based, the name changed to RoboCode, only to find out this year that the name was taken. With that version I could produce files that Renderman could process into images to be stitched together as if it was an actual video. All I can say in my defence is that the video looks a whole lot better before the YouTube compression. The mistakes in camera operation are all mine, though.

So, as a preemptive strike, let me claim Boon's Orginals as domain name, shortened to BoonOrg, and let's hope that one lasts for a while.

On the backlog for the BFC BoonOrg app is to change the project files to use SDK style. Only two out of 30 are done so far. I need to find a way to host the NuGet packages that these two projects produce. At the moment, the source code is still kept in a private Git repository. Once all the projects are converted to SDK style, I will make the repository public. Don't hold your breath until then. There is only so much one can do in the evening hours.